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Electronics for roller motors

INTRALOGISTICS – Electronics for roller motors

A wide variety of roller motors are used in conveyor technology to convey and discharge various load carriers. In order to achieve maximum efficiency and throughput, the load carriers are always in motion. All types of conveyed goods with a flat underside can be transported with roller conveyor systems.


The BLDC controllers are of modular design based on a 32Bit STM32 Cortex M0 processor with power stage consisting of gatedriver and N-channel MOSFETs. The power stage is designed for a maximum assumable current consumption of 2A per motor. The external supply voltage is a nominal 48VDC. The processors are connected here with an SPI bus for internal communication. A designated master handles the external CAN communication. HAL sensors are provided for each motor to control the rotational direction and speed.


A motor controller for two extremely high-performance brushless motors (BLDC motor) is connected to the main controller. One of these motors is used to drive the shuttle, the second one is used to drive the telescope (for pulling the packages in and out). This controller is configured to perform safety-critical shutdown of the system (e.g. maintenance work).


Another module is being developed for flap control. The flaps (“grippers” or “fingers” of the shuttle) are operated by DC motors. This module contains all intelligence and logic for the sensors (end position reached, current measurement, etc.) implemented in a microcontroller.

The connection to the main control system is established via CAN bus. Additional modularity can be achieved through various assembly variants.


  • Connector Module Double
  • Establishes the electrical connection for two BLDC motors to the BLDC motor controller
  • System integration of 2x 48Vdc BDLC controllers
  • 250kbit CAN interface
  • Easy mounting with “snap IN” mounting on 24Vdc & 48Vdc busbars
  • Fused 24Vdc & 48Vdc circuit
  • A control board for the control of several roller motors
  • The roller motors are BLDC motors
  • Actuation of the control board by means of CANopen profile CiA 402
  • Speed and rotational direction of roller motors adjustable via BUS
  • Control board assumes thermal protection of the roller motors and short-circuit protection of the cable
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