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Electronics Industrialization - Melecs

In the industrialization project, production processes are developed and optimized for your project. Industrialization therefore ideally begins in conjunction with an advanced product development phase. Integrating the industrialization experts early on allows us to optimize the processes and generate cost benefits for our customers. Expensive product development loops can be avoided. 

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Upon the commissioning of a New Product Introduction (NPI), or of a change to a serial product, the process is accompanied by a Melecs project manager. You get a technical expert who speaks your language and ensures quality implementation on schedule. At the start of our common electronics industrialization project, we make sure that all the information about the product is available and provide the necessary approval processes and the definition of the level of testing to be implemented.

Elektronik Industrialisierung - Melecs
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Electronics industrialization makes a product development ready for serial production. Melecs offers you the opportunity to optimize manufacturing costs already in the development stage. If conditions allow, this can also be done before start of production.

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Manufacturability takes into consideration issues regarding the required machine park, tools and aids. The capacities, throughput times, cycle times, quality requirements and resulting manufacturing times are examined with a view to optimizing them. The scope of testing is also analyzed to obtain the optimal balance between testing costs and risk assessment.

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A major guarantee of a successful production start is a sample and approval process that was defined in advance. We agree on the criteria together.

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