Supply Chain Management


With our production sites in Europe, Asia and America, our Supply Chain Management is global. Our outbound logistics supplies customers and partners in dozens of countries, while our inbound logistics assures delivery from our suppliers in over 80 countries. Our international experts provide stable transport solutions, and they are also capable of finding alternative transport routes when needed.
Supply Chain Management Elektronik - Melecs


Lean and reliable processes are ensured through digital interfaces. We offer our customers and suppliers integration into our ERP system in order to execute forecasts, call-ups, orders, order confirmations and invoicing electronically.


Selecting the right delivery solution also includes choosing the packaging, such as one-way packaging or reusable packaging, as well as different storage solutions. Melecs also offers solutions for consignation storage.

Cost benefits through product optimization

With our Design for Excellence approach, Dfx, we are able to optimize your products from the start and across all phases of the product life cycle and thus to guarantee cost benefits.

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