Electronics Product Optimization

Electronics product optimization

Product optimization is a continuous process that starts on the first day of serial production and ends with the discontinuation. Today this process is described as Dfx, or Design for Excellence, and it includes all major aspects of a technical product during production. The result of the process? A cost reduction for our customers.

With our electronics production optimization methods, we guarantee cost benefits in the various phases of the product life cycle. There are several optimization approaches.

Cost benefits

In our Design for Excellence approach (Dfx), we optimize your product from the start, across all phases of the product life cycle, and so guarantee cost benefits.

Our DFX optimization approaches



Naturally, the primary focus of development is on functionality and requirements. We support the development consistently with our international experts in purchasing and so achieve a cost-optimized BOM at serial production start from day one.



The circuit board layout, and the associated positioning of the components, has a significant influence on manufacturability and costs. Step by step during development, we make sure that the manufacturing times, from labeling to packaging, are minimized.  Our manufacturing steps are aligned, and the degree of automation is maximized.



After drawing up your circuit board data, we can draw conclusions automatically about the test depth of your product. The aim is to achieve the optimum point between quality costs and test times.



The assembly of modules, electromechanical systems and entire devices is a completely different manufacturing discipline than assembling circuit boards. Ergonomics and workplace safety requirements compete with simple processes and slim assembly facilities.

R&D processes

Our R&D processes are based on the V-model. They describe the internal relations between our development activities. The main processes are represented as segments that are linked with each other and are cyclical or iterative.

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