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Requirements Management

Requirements management in electronics development

Requirements management serves to ensure that the goals of product development are successfully achieved. It involves techniques for the documentation, analysis, prioritization and coordination of requirements so that development teams always have access to current and approved requirements.

V Modell - Melecs


The demands regarding the functionalities of modern technology are growing rapidly, and therefore so is the complexity of technological solutions.
One of the primary requirements of modern product development is to master complexity.

Models like the V model have long been used in software development and are therefore tried and tested. All disciplines that are involved in the development of mechatronic systems apply this method, starting with system development and ranging to hardware, mechanics and software development.

At Melecs, we combine the V model with the goal of linking all steps of the V model to each other.

The steps in the V model represent the logical sequence of activities in a development process.
Linking them ensures that despite the high complexity, the mutual dependencies between requirements or functions, their respective implementation in the design and their verification during testing and validation are always fully known.

The traceability this generates reduces sources of error in development to a minimum, because associations and dependencies always remain clear, no matter how complex the overall system is.

The consistent implementation of this method is what makes the development  of complex mechatronic systems at Melecs so effective and efficient.
In light of rapid technological developments, it also ensures that we are ready for future challenges.

Melecs - Requirements Management


To implement all customer requirements, these are first broken down and refined to the domain level. This is the basis for the development of the individual components, which are integrated step by step on the right side of the V model. The traceability of the development and test results back to the customer requirements is supported by tools and is a core task of requirements management in electronics development.

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