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HVAC and Smart Home

Smart Energy

Electronic applications have become firmly established in home settings and are growing rapidly in importance. Energy management and optimization are particularly important for sustainability.
Melecs develops and manufactures electronic systems and electronic assemblies for HVAC applications – such as heating controls – and for Smart Home applications, like KNX controls.

Smart Home Electronics HVAC - Melecs


Intelligent heating controls use resources sensibly and efficiently in order to reduce heating costs and protect the environment. Heating controls communicate between heating and storage systems, save electricity through speed regulation and so increase efficiency. They also monitor all system-relevant components, protect heating systems by reducing the number of starts and minimize fuel consumption.
Operating units with large touchscreens simplify access to the heating units and provide an overview of the energy management. Interfaces further enable connecting to building automation solutions. The ability to control heating systems through smartphone apps acts as a multiplier of their functionality.


Every day, electronic controls in private and commercial buildings make our life safer and more agreeable. Single-task controls, like room controllers or alarm systems, have been in use in building automation for decades. Recent years have seen an incredible increase in the connection of single tasks and in possibilities for Web-based controls – the Smart Home. Energy management and the integration of e-mobility solutions will be a strong driver of growth in this sector in the coming years.

Smart Home Electronics HVAC - Melecs

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HVAC & Smart Home

Fröling | Referenz - Melecs


Fröling is a family company that has been providing wood-heating systems for over 60 years (firewood, chips, pellets).

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