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Grammer AG

Grammer AG | Controls for industrial electronics

Our customer GRAMMER AG specializes in the development and production of components and systems for passenger car interiors as well as driver and passenger seats for off-road commercial vehicles, trucks, buses and trains.

Grammer AG is a global partner to the vehicle industry with its two divisions Automotive and Commercial Vehicles, focusing on maximum safety and comfort.


  • In the assembly of these control systems, Melecs is involved from the procurement of the material to the delivery of the product.
  • For the procurement of the electronic components we can rely on our good network to the manufacturers.
  • The electronics are not only manufactured and tested, but are immediately installed as an assembly in the housing including plastic and potting material.
  • The finished assemblies are also thoroughly tested for function before they are shipped.


Our control systems are used at Grammer AG in the area of commercial vehicles for seat electronics including seat damping.

Our customer Grammer AG:

  • Procurement of material
  • Manufacture + test electronics
  • Assembling the modules incl. potting
  • Assembly of the electronics into the housing
  • Testing & packing the products into product specific packaging
Werner Haas | Sales Team - Melecs

Werner Haas
Leader Business Unit Industrial

Melecs BU Industrial

Werner Haas

Leader Business Unit Industrial