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Global footprint as the key to successful production relocations

Melecs – Your partner for successful production relocations in electronics manufacturing

In today’s increasingly complex business environment, it is critical to forge strong partnerships to take electronics manufacturing to a new level.
Here at Melecs, we understand the challenges global companies face in selecting the right production sites and ensuring supply reliability and quality.
Our success is based on a global footprint that includes a homogeneous machine park, uniform IT systems, a strong local presence of purchasing and sales, and the controlling central units at our headquarters.

More sustainability in line with the “local for local” principle

To support sustainability in a customer’s manufacturing, we move this production from Europe to China. This enables our customer to manufacture locally for the respective market.

How does a relocation project work?

We’ll give you insight into the steps it takes to ensure a smooth and sustainable manufacturing transition.

  1. Sales: The local sales organization takes over local support, while global responsibility remains with central key account management. This dual leadership makes it possible to address local needs without losing sight of global goals.

  2. Strategic Purchasing: Data available centrally in the ERP system must be adapted selectively in order to ensure locally optimized procurement again. We follow the “local for local” approach to increase efficiency and sustainability.

  3. Product and production data: The data available in the ERP system is made available to the new plant. This not only saves us time in data collection, but also ensures that a high-quality data master is already available. Work plans, production programs, quality documents and test systems are also integrated while employees are trained and familiarized with the new product.

  4. Start of Production (SOP): Sample productions, approvals and, if necessary, audits are crucial steps to ensure the quality and efficiency of the production start. We attach great importance to the smooth start of production.

  5. Phase Out: A successful relocation also requires proper “clean up” to complete the process in an orderly manner. Production equipment, components and assembly equipment leave the plant, data are archived, and processes are shut down iand closed for accounting purposes. This step is also relevant for a smooth transition.

When the product successfully restarts after just a few weeks, many experts have drawn on the knowledge of past relocations, demonstrating time and again our commitment to sustainable and smooth production relocations.

At Melecs, we pride ourselves on offering our customers not only high-quality  electronics design and manufacturing, but also comprehensive support for relocation projects. 

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