Reliable development and production partner to industry for more than 25 years.

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The Company 
Melecs has many years of experience as a reliable development and production partner to the industry

As a electronics specialist, Melecs provides its customers with all value creation stages from one single source: from R&D, validation and industrialization to production and logistics. In addition to our Austrian locations in Siegendorf (electronics factory EWS), Vienna (R&D department electronics), and Lenzing (electronics factory EWL), Melecs operates plants in Györ/Hungary (electronics factory EWG),  and Wuxi/China (electronics factory EWW). The centralized functions of finance and accounting are combined in a slim holding.

Melecs is a reliable and flexible partner who responds promptly and with outstanding quality, even to short-term requests. Long-standing experience, innovative solutions, global business relations as well as cost-effective production locations enable an excellent price-performance ratio. The high portion of exports in our business activities gives also proof of this: Over the years, we have attained more than 90 percent of our sales with customers outside of Austria.


Melecs EWS: In a closed-loop process – from the initial idea to product validation to the series product – cost-effective solutions that are tailored to the customer’s needs are developed.

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Melecs provides its customers with all value creation stages from one single source: from R&D, validation and industrialization to production and logistics


The R&D department of Melecs designs and realizes cost-efficient and custom-tailored solutions, which are then industrialized in close collaboration with Production; for example, in the areas of all-wheel drive ECUs (electronic control units) in the power train, DLP technology and LED lighting for vehicles. Significant cost benefits have been achieved in all these areas through innovative solutions. Melecs customers fully appreciate the great advantage entailed in the use of electrical, mechanical and thermal simulations as early as in the conceptual design phase. The development process covers all necessary aspects from hardware development, design, PCB layout, software and firmware development, environmental certification to test engineering, including B-sample testing. A safety and requirement management system is in place and allows Melecs to pursue the development of control units in accordance with strict ASIL safety requirements. Parts management and purchasing functions are located in the R&D Department, so decision-making processes for new products are quick and flexibility is ensured in ongoing projects.


At our proprietary test laboratory at the site in Györ/Hungary, Melecs can quickly and reliably conduct tests of products in product development, product validation and series production. All testing activities are directly integrated in the product development process. The test laboratory provides a high level of flexibility, which in turn shortens development cycle times.

Inhouse Tests:

Vibration test, humidity
Mechanical shock test
High / low temperature conditioning
Temperature cycling
Thermal shock test
Humidity test
Salt spray test
Water protection test
High pressure water test
Immersion test
Stone chip test
Drop test
High voltage test
EMC test (in Vienna)

Industrialization & Production

Melecs guarantees end-to-end traceability, interconnected line production and constant quality thanks to short automated control loops by means of innovative control processes. Melecs makes use of uniform testing platforms for in-circuit or final inspection and deploys a Production Information System that ensures complete documentation of all process steps.

Manufacturing technologies:

Laser Identification
3D Solder Paste Inspection
Reflow Soldering
AOI (Automatic Optical Inspection)
Axial/ Radial/ Odd Form THT Automated Insertion
Pin Insertion
Wave Soldering
Selective Soldering
Hot Bar Soldering
Selective Coating
Dip Coating
Robot Automated Assembly
Boundary Scan
Optical and Tactil Measuring System
Inline Function Test


At Melecs, intelligent logistics systems in terms of a holistic supply chain organization have top priority. As with R&D and production, maximum flexibility is a matter of course for us in order to meet the most varied requirements of the market and make processes more effective. Melecs facilitates system connections (including EDI) for its customers. Cooperation projects with external partners ensure fast and cost-effective transports. Several production sites with a shared focus create back-up functionality.


Low Volume / High Mix

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Industry Solutions

Melecs’ industrial customers rely today on state-of-the-art KNX building technology, compact control units for escalators, high-performance ECUs and elevator door controls. Melecs has many years of experience in the development and production of reliable and rugged products. The use of preferred components allows for products that are attractive in terms of price as well.

In product development, Melecs offers top-of-the-class know-how with engine control units (ECUs) for brushless DC engines, reluctance motors and asynchronous drives. Melecs compact control units have been in use worldwide for many years. Features such as SIL compliance, bus connections, safety relays, state-of-the-art processor architecture and compact dimensions are highly attractive for good reason to customers. Industrial products require variant diversity, fast response to fluctuations in demand and attractive prices. Thanks to cutting-edge placement machines and intelligent planning software, Melecs is able to implement a low-volume/high-mix production. End-to-end traceability guarantees seamless process monitoring – the prerequisite for a high level of quality.

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